Pricing starting at $760.00 for 4 hours!

PLEASE CLICK ON THE RED TAB THAT SAYS “Pricing, Schedules, Book Now”   

  • This will show you the times available, the price of the boat on that specific day and time.
  • The price shown will reflect price, plus tax at point of booking.
  • 20% captain service is paid on the total amount with tax(8.25%), just like at a restaurant.
  • 20% is paid directly to the captain, no other gratuity is required above 20%
  • Deposit required for booking (between $300-$400 depending on the boat)

 All boats are captained!   DO NOT COUNT YOUR CAPTAIN AS A PASSENGER

Shaken, Not Stirred” will comfortably hold up to 17 passengers.

Casino Royale” will comfortably hold 25 passengers(men or women).

Moonraker” will comfortably hold up to 18 passengers.

GoldenEye” will comfortably hold up to 20 passengers

Monday-Wed has negotiable time schedules