Lake Travis Yacht Rentals


We are not just a charter company, we are a luxury lifestyle boating experience! We create “One of a Kind Luxury Experience for you, your family and friends”. We specialize in getting our clients onboard the finest yachts. Lake Travis Yacht Rentals has a vast variety of boating options for all kinds of celebrations, standing out with unparallel service. Whether you’re hosting a birthday, wedding, anniversary, corporate event or day getaway. We will present an unmatched experience for years to come.

Our motto is “An experience for the haves and have yachts”   In other words, you get to experience the yacht lifestyle to the fullest extent. Experience the comfort and amenities of yachting – comfortable seating inside and out, plenty of room to move around the yacht, private restroom, great stereo system, fresh water system onboard, etc. The list goes on and on…. Just ask people who have rented from us and see what they think.

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These boats are mainly used for entertaining in Devil’s Cove, THE party destination on Lake Travis!

1. Want to party in Devil’s Cove, well YOU CAN on our party boats!  You cannot on ANY of the rental party barges that the other guys rent out. They have to tie to land in order to anchor. The property owners around Devil’s Cove will not allow party barges to tie to their land due to liability reasons.  We can anchor anywhere in Devil’s Cove! Renting a party barge from the other guys? Have fun… You will be partying at Snake Island in the middle of all the boat traffic getting tossed around from the wakes of passing boats!

2. The yachts is are big enough to accompany a good sized party of close friends.  15 to 20 people is the max we like to operate with…

3. Our boats are 40ft yachts, not some 18 foot shoe box of a boat that tosses you around, feels unsafe, and is hard to control due to the single engine setup.

4. Our boats are not a basic pontoon with a cheap undersized achor, little to no ropes or bumpers, etc. If you have rented a boat before on Lake Travis and have tried to tie up with the actual boat owners, you know alot of the time, they will not allow you to tie up due to not having the proper equipment onboard.

5. You don’t have to do the driving, no worries about getting a BWI(boating while intoxicated).

6. You don’t feel you are riding around on what is basically a dock with a motor attached to it.