Lake Travis Yacht Rentals


1. BATHROOMS!  All our YACHTS have private restrooms! 

2. The yachts is are big enough to accompany a good sized party of close friends.  17 to 25 people is the max we like to operate with…

3. Our yachts are 40ft in length (length of a school bus and 4 to 6 feet wider). They are 17k -26k pounds – they are heavy and stable on the water!

4. Our boats are not a basic boat with a cheap undersized achor, little to no ropes or bumpers, etc. If you have rented a boat before on Lake Travis and have tried to tie up with the actual boat owners, you know alot of the time, they will not allow you to tie up if you do not having the proper equipment onboard.

5. You don’t have to do the driving, no worries about getting a BWI(boating while intoxicated).

6. Our boats are meticulously maintained and updated!


  1. ALWAYS CAPTAINED – No worrying about navigating busy waterways, anchoring, accidently beaching the boat, or tying up. Also no worries of getting arrest for boating while intoxicated.
  2. Huge coolers on board – 150 quart (223 can capacity)
  3. Lily pad and noodles always included with your rental – no upcharge!
  4. Meticulously maintained and updated!
  5. AWESOME STEREO SYSTEMS! Bluetooth connectivity, 10″ subwoofer, 8″ Infinity Speakers, 1000 watt amp, and huge batteries on board so the stereo pumps hard for your whole charter!
  6. Late model boats – NOT old pontoons like the other guys!


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These boats are mainly used for entertaining in Devil’s Cove, THE party destination on Lake Travis!