Hey, a man can dream!

Check out this fine charter yacht in Miami… I think we would have a bit of trouble navigating in Devil’s Cove during a holiday!  But man, could I throw myself one hell of a bachelor party on this bad boy!!!!


Yesterday’s Bachelor party on Lake Travis in Devil’s Cove

Yesterday we had another great crew that came to our great city of Austin for a bachelor party get away! They were from Detroit, Houston, Chicago, Denver, etc.  Great group of fun loving guys that really enjoyed the experience we bring them!  I’m definitely looking forward to some great reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor.com 20150425_145855 20150425_160233 20150425_160253 20150425_160255 20150425_173612 20150425_173625

Come party with Lake Travis Yacht Rentals

Come party with Lake Travis Yacht Rentals

Lake Travis Yacht Rentals now on Trip Advisor

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As the boating season approaches us – keep safety in mind!

Normally our posts are upbeat and positive, but as the Texas boating season approaches, please keep safety in mind. Annually, we see people not take safety on the water into consideration, and situations like this occur.  Take a look at this video produced by Texas Parks and Wildlife.  https://vimeo.com/101327448

Navigating a boat at night – cool short video explaining what the lights mean!

For boaters and non-boaters alike, I always see people who don’t understand the rules of navigation on waterways. This may not seem like a big deal to most, but definitely helps with safety of yourself and your passengers. Check out this short video that explains the navigation lights and how they are used.