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Do you guys cook on the boat?

No, and the reasons are simple. Having a grill on board a boat is an open invitation for cockroaches to come infest the boat(cockroaches love water environments, so most marinas have cockroach issues).  60 cockroaches can live off the glue on a cereal box top for up to 6 months, so imagine what a greasy grill will supply them with… and then you have captains cooking on that same grill – you get the picture! GROSS!  Also, if the boat is infested, your personal belongings can get infested, and then you drag that home. There have been numerous instances where customers have gotten food poisoning on our competitor’s boats cooking on dirty grills, and we want no part of that. Austin is a high-tech city, where you can get just about any type of food and alcohol delivered right to your AirBnB, or hotel. You can then bring out fresh, great local food out and put it in a refrigerator on our boats. Our competitors will supply cheap burgers and buns, and why would you want to eat that when Austin is well-known for it’s great food. You can find Austin listed all over the Food Network.   To order food from around the city, we recommend mobile apps such as Favor, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, etc.  For alcohol, use Drizly.