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What is included in a tritoon rental on Lake Travis?

All of our pontoon and tritoon rentals at come with:

Captain, Lily Pad, Noodles, Dry Storage, Huge 150 quart cooler, LOUD stereo with LED speakers, subwoofer (and bluetooth connectivity so that you and your party can play DJ throughout your boat rental),  life jackets!

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Where can you charter a yacht in Austin, TX?

Lake Travis Yacht Rentals is the premier yacht charter and pontoon rental company on Lake Travis. We have over 15 yachts and pontoon/tritoon boats to choose from in our fleet. Looking for a great time for your bachelor, bachelorette, birthday party, or other special event – check us out at or give us a call at (512) 981-6409 to set up your yacht or pontoon boat rental today! We put you front and center of the party, because we create the party by being the largest fleet on Lake Travis! All our yachts and pontoons are very well maintained, and updated annually. Read the reviews of us and our competitors, and you will see the difference in what we deliver!

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What should we bring on the boat?

  1. BRING ICE – we do not supply it!
  2. Alcohol (liquor bottles are fine, stay away from beer bottles as they break)
  3. Food – prepared food, we do not cook on our boats! (Grills on boats attract rats and cockroaches, thus why we do not cook on our boats)
  4. Sunscreen
  5. If children under 13 are in attendance, you need to supply proper fitting life jackets.
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What days are the busiest for bachelor and bachelorette parties?

Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days, but we also book many bachelor and bachelorette parties Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as well. Since we have come out of Covid, our business is up over 200%. You will have a great time no matter what because we are just super busy, and so are all the other boat companies.

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Can we rent a jetski with our yacht charter?

NOOO! – we have had to ban this recently, due to people not safely riding them in congested areas of Devil’s Cove(in a no-wake zone). Inexperienced riders end up damaging the paint on the boats, then we have to charge for damages. You show up with a jetski rental in your party, your charter will end immediately. We will not let this slide due to safety concerns for our customers and the other patrons in the area.

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Can we have a bartender on board?

We do not want bartenders on board our yachts due to risk of customers being over-served by another party.

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Do the boats cruise up and down Lake Travis?

As with most companies on Lake Travis, no. These are party yachts, and they drink an absorbent amount of fuel(gasoline). If you are looking to cruise all over Lake Travis, we recommend a ski boat or single deck pontoon boat.

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When does our season run?

We start booking in February through end the of October!   With Texas weather, we are lucky to have a long season!

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Is the garbage/ recycling that we create on board taken care of at the end of the cruise?

Yes, we take care of removing the trash at the end of the charter. Be respectful of the yacht and keep it clean, put trash in the provided trash cans. Failure to keep the boat clean will result in a minimum $200 cleaning fee being charged to your card on file.

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What should we not bring on the boat?

No silly string, glitter, jello shots, or red wine. These products stain the boat, and you will be charged a minimum of a $200.00 clean up fee.

Do not bring DJ equipment on board. The electrical systems on yachts will not support the amperage and wattage draw of large DJ equipment. All our yachts are equipped with very loud stereo systems and are controlled via bluetooth from your phone or tablet.

Do not bring crock pots that need to be plugged in. We run off of 12v power while out on the lake, not generator power. It’s so hot in the summer that your food will stay plenty warm in an unplugged crock pot or food tray. We do have refrigerators and coolers on board to keep items cool.