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Do the boats cruise up and down Lake Travis?

As with most companies on Lake Travis, no. These are party yachts, and they drink an absorbent amount of fuel(gasoline). If you are looking to cruise all over Lake Travis, we recommend a ski boat or single deck pontoon boat.

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When does our season run?

We start booking in February through end the of October!   With Texas weather, we are lucky to have a long season!

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Is the garbage/ recycling that we create on board taken care of at the end of the cruise?

Yes, we take care of removing the trash at the end of the charter. Be respectful of the yacht and keep it clean, put trash in the provided trash cans. Failure to keep the boat clean will result in a minimum $200 cleaning fee being charged to your card on file.

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What should we not bring on the boat?

No silly string, glitter, jello shots, or red wine. These products stain the boat, and you will be charged a minimum of a $200.00 clean up fee.

Do not bring DJ equipment on board. The electrical systems on yachts will not support the amperage and wattage draw of large DJ equipment. All our yachts are equipped with very loud stereo systems and are controlled via bluetooth from your phone or tablet.

Do not bring crock pots that need to be plugged in. We run off of 12v power while out on the lake, not generator power. It’s so hot in the summer that your food will stay plenty warm in an unplugged crock pot or food tray. We do have refrigerators and coolers on board to keep items cool.

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Do we have the option of booking overnight stays?

No, these boats are only rented at the scheduled times listed on the booking system.

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Do we give discounts?

No, we only have so many months out of the year to make our money, and these boats require a lot of upkeep, maintenance, and carrying costs to operate.

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Is there a restroom on board?

YES! 🙂   98% of the party boats do NOT come equipped with a restroom on board! ALL OUR BOATS HAVE PRIVATE RESTROOMS! 🙂

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Do we have to sign any waivers?

Yes, all passengers MUST sign a Release of Liability Waiver on the boat before departing, and the person booking the boat will have to sign a Damage Waiver that is automatically presented to them at the time of securing the booking online. If the boat is damaged, you are liable for the price of the parts, repair, plus $100.00.  If your party trashes the boat, you are subject to a $200 clean up fee, so respect our business and our property.

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Who do you recommend for transportation?

We recommend Uber or Lyft to our customers, and yes, they are timely and go to both marinas. If you would like to transport your whole party via a limo, bus, or van, make sure to check out our “Transportation” page for other options. On holiday weekends, we strongly suggest using a party bus, van service, etc – due to the surge pricing that can occur with Uber and Lyft.

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Do the boats come with life jackets? Lilly pad? Noodles?

Yes! All boats are supplied with life jackets for all adults. We do not have life jackets on board for children or infants, and those need to be supplied by the parent, and they need to properly fit!  All boats are supplied with a Lilly Pad and noodles for all passengers! 🙂